conrad After upgrading silverstripe 3.3 to silverstripe 4.0 I get this error. If I comment the line of the error a same error with a different php script appears. After some research I havent find a working solution. I already tried to /dev/build and /?flush=1 and /?flush=all but the error appears also trying.

Fatal error: Couldn\'t parse D:\xampp\htdocs\test4/cms/silverstripe-assets/src/AssetControlExtension.php when building config static manifest in...

nicolaas I want to override 'loginForm' method in 'LoginHandler' class. I am trying to use the code given below for that. But it is not working.


nicolaas This lesson about uploading an image or file is great but what is the latest way in SS4 to upload multiple images at a time. To create a gallery for example with out using GridField.

Does anyone have an example as I'm struggling to convert my old $many_many code.

lloy0076 When uploading animated GIFs in the content area they don't animate after the page is published.

I tried turning off resizing but that didn't work. I also tested it with Silverstripe 4 but it's the same problem.

What can I do to keep animated GIFs as they are when users upload them within the content area?

dhensby I was checking previous questions but I couldn't find any answer for this. For example I have a field called Gender with 2 selections. How can I set male as selected by default.

Firesphere I have created the Page, Data Object and Model Admin given below.


class MyPage extends Page {

private static $db = []; private static $singular_name = "My Page"; private static $plural_name = "My Pages"; private static $description = 'A page created for testing'; }

Data Object

use SilverStripe\ORM\DataObject;

class MyDataObject extends DataObject {

private static $db = [ 'Test' => 'Int' ]; }

Model Admin

Firesphere I´m using Silverstripe 4 and created a page with a form. Something gets wrong and I only get a blank page with:

"There seems to have been a technical problem. Please click the back button, refresh your browser, and try again."

In .htaccess I set php_flag display_errors on In the _config.php I set error_reporting(E_ALL); And in the mysite/_config/app.yml I set this:

Only: environment: 'dev'

SilverStripe\Security\BasicAuth: entire_site_protected: true

Now all I wanna do is to let...

ZP Im trying to extend to be able to better handle nested schemas. I've managed to get it working all though it breaks one of the very useful features Dynamic Values.

It currently uses a DataObject called to map its related object which works fine when there is only one level of nesting. However once you get further into it and have SchemaInstances...

ZP I have upgraded a site from 3.5 to 4.x. Mostly going well, but hitting major snags with namespacing.

This one comes from a module called silverstripe-news that I have had to upgrade manually as it is abandonware. I used the upgrade-code tool on it, and manually did the rest as per the guide. But I may have missed something. But I can kind of see the issue.

Here's the basics of the original model admin:

class NewsAdmin extends ModelAdmin { private static $url_segment = 'news';...

ZP I'm getting some values from a form via getRequest() - the values come through fine, but just trying to figure out how to save this into the database - the Model is setup and has the same names as the form is posting - I'm trying this, but it's not working so obviously I have to convert the request array first??:

$request = $this->getRequest(); $vars = $request->requestVars();

//Create submission object $submission = new Submission();
$vars->saveInto($submission); $submission->write();