https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49057704/silverstripe-4-where-is-the-database-configuration I've been reading the doc's on this but totally confused. My mysite/_config.php file is empty after install. Where do I find the database settings for the site such as username, database name and password?

Doc's page here: https://docs.silverstripe.org/en/4/changelogs/4.0.0/#env


https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49053020/xmlhttprequest-append-php-function-to-jsonadd-fields-ajax-request I am trying to update someone else's code, which uses a XMLHttpRequest setup to get product information from the server for use on some SilverStripe templates. I want to grab the url() function from Product.php so I can use it to get the url for the Product data object and send it to Google Analytics. However, simply appending it to the existing add_fields data does not work--the url function does not get retrieved.

I'm not very familiar with XMLHttpRequests so I'm kind of clueless as to...


https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49040053/silverstripe-4-doesnt-find-templates-when-using-namespaces Seems to be precious little info out there on how templates should be structured. I asked this question earlier but I think I can ask it better with code samples and remove my earlier attempt:


SilverStripe\View\SSViewer: themes:

  • 'mytheme'
  • '$default'



https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49033333/silverstripe-3-5-1-redirect-to-absolutelink-of-silverstripe-page-if-user-tries I am working on a fork of the SilverStripe AMP module (https://github.com/thezenmonkey/silverstripe-amp) and have to prevent anyone from navigating to the amp.html version of a SilverStripe page if the amp.html link has not been generated into the head of the page.

A little additional info: We have added 2 fields that are meant to appear on the AMP versions of every page: AmpImage and AmpContent (a rich...


https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49032271/remove-add-and-delete-buttons-from-data-object-gridfield I have custom data object with predefined entries. I don't want user to delete or add any new entries from GridField's edit form. Is there a way to remove those two buttons form ModelAdmins GridField edit form?


https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49030752/silverstripe-middleware-not-working I'm adding new empty middleware and getting an error: "[Emergency] Uncaught BadMethodCallException: Session cannot be accessed until it's started"


Hi, @manueltomasir this channel is meant to just pipe in questions from StackOverflow. You'll want to post this in one of the other channels -- looks like #cms3 would be your best bet based on the looks of the code 🙂

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