hey guys, i'm working with userforms, and i can't seem to figure out how to submit the form and display a success message without refreshing the page, like an inline submission sort of thing

leomeloxp I have created a workflow by following this guide

However when I add $Context.AbsoluteEditLink to the notification email content field the url doesn't appear (nothing is shown) in the resulting email. I have checked elsewhere but cant...

leomeloxp I was trying to add an uploadfield to a Custom DataExtension and got the Image field working. However the image i uploaded stays in concept mode, and i have to go to the File tab to publish it. I tried to use the code provided in the Silverstripe documentation but this only seems to work on regular pages. I found a question similar to mine:<a...

leomeloxp Hello i am trying to make dropdown button for my responsive menu using toggle. Right now the button is working but it only hides and shows the first element, all other buttons only work for the first div and thats all. How to make that each button works on its own div element and how to maybe someone could tell me how to style my menu better using some javascript tricks.

This is how it...

oldmols_ I'm Wondering Why There is no "Models / Views / Controllers" Directories Inside SS4 Main Directory? It's Seems Like Everything Should Go Inside "mysite/code" .. How To Accomplish MVC Style?

oldmols_ Hello in my site i have a responsive mobile menu. Everything looks good but i want to add some new things to it. I want to add + icon in mobile menu and when you click on it , it opens a dropdown of subpages. Right now in my mobile menu subpages works like this ; Page

  • Subpage And it is not very good if you have lot of pages, thats why i want to add dropdown what hiddes and shows when you click on +. I use SilverStripe

You can check the site here <a href=""...

oldmols_ I am trying to run a query but something strange happens:

$return = MyCustomPage::get()->where( " MyCustomPage.ID IN(" . implode(',', $MyCustomPageIds) . ")" )->limit(2);

This return an error becasue the query it's trying to get data from MyCustomPage_Live instead of MyCustomPage .

This logic keeps like changing, sometimes it get from one table sometimes from another, and I need to specify the table name inside the query (ex. MyCustomPage.ID or MyCustomPage_Live.ID )

Is there a...

Eden Le Comte I like to create a payment system in my SilverStripe website. It's not an ecommerce. I like that my client can pay their invoice online. Anyone know a plug-in that I can use like document system with payment?