Question about SS4 extending Page.php: I get Server error with this code. What could be wrong with it?

mhermo I have two different data objects (StockExchangeShare and NewsArticle) which are linked with a many_many relation.

In NewsArticle.php:

private static $many_many = [ 'Shares' => StockExchangeShare::class ];

In StockExchangeShare.php:

private static $belongs_many_many = [ 'NewsArticles' => NewsArticle::class ];

When adding a new news article, the user should be able to link some existing stock exchange shares to the new article. This should be done using a GridField with the...


<!here> - I'm sure I've done this before, but i'm using UserForms and trying to prevent it from refreshing the page on submit, I just want to hide the form and display the message...

bendubuisson Good afternoon,

Does somebody know if there is a method to set locale manual? I want to update some locale based items in the database by a cronjob, but to make it work I have to set locale based on some variables instead of the locale of the server.

bendubuisson I am currently working on an accordion that should show the courses per month on the homepage.


January 12 January – Course X 14 January – Course Y

February 10 February – Course W 11 February – Course Z

I created a Course.php, CourseHolder.php and Courses.php. This setup allows me to add different dates per course. What I would like to do is run a loop through the different courses and merge the dates and then show the course per month. I have tried multiple things, but I...

JZubero Hello i had to use older version for my SS project (SS 3.1.5). I add SS fluent (3.2.3) to make my project multilanguage, everything works fine with , ENG, LAT, SW, DE languages but when i add Russian (RU) and then run dev/build i get duplicating DB column error. I get them even if i manually remove the columns.

This is one of the error messages what i get. Full build list and error list i posted here - <a href="" rel="nofollow...

klemen When I add the datefield to the main content tab, the datepicker is being displayed, but as soon as I change the tab name to i.e. Root.Course the datepicker is not being displayed anymore. Am I missing something?


$dateFieldFrom = new DateField('course_DateFrom', 'Date from');
$dateFieldFrom->setConfig('showcalendar', true);
$dateFieldFrom->setConfig('dateformat', 'dd MMM YYYY');     

$dateFieldTo = new DateField('course_DateTo', 'Date to');...