Hi, (one of the largest SilverStripe WebSites in Germany) is looking for a DevOps Engineer in Munich Germany:

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size depends on the screen, doesn't it?

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Ed Linklater

if you'd been a month or two sooner, I'd have been keen 😂


@wmk I meant response size in bytes. We have way too much html code 😉

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yup, size is ambiguous... and does size really matter?


@Ed Linklater let’s have a talk maybe we can convince you to work here. We offer many benefits: like 20% on all magazine subscriptions from FUNKE Mediengruppe 😉

Kate Quinlivan

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Intermediate Developer - Front End OR Back End | Internetrix

Working at Internetrix provides you the opportunity to be involved with a range of exciting projects, a diverse customer base and to join and contribute to teams of committed professionals.

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Kate Quinlivan

Hi - Internetrix are a SilverStripe partner based in Wollongong, Australia. We're looking for experienced SilverStripe Devs to join our team working out of our Wollongong office either permanent full time or on a contract. You'll need to have existing, unrestricted work rights for Australia as unfortunately sponsorship isn't an option for us. We've got a great culture with virtually no politics, and a really supportive, forward thinking team. If you're interested feel free to email your application/questions to mailto:[email protected]|[email protected] or apply online here:

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@nathan set the channel purpose: If you need to hire someone or want to be hired post in here! Be sure to state whether you deem remote work OK, and what time zones (or countries) you'd prefer applicants be in.

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