Is there much demand for SilverStripe developers in Germany?

Anish Joshi

Are there any developers here that would be willing to implementing the new SCA regulations on our stripe payment module for Silvershop e-commerce module for silverstripe? Would be paid work


@Anish Joshi looks like Omnipay Stripe added support for this a few months ago https://github.com/thephpleague/omnipay-stripe/pull/128. You’ll need to be on omnipay 3. Happy to help with any library upgrades needed

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Add Payment Intents gateway. by andris-sevcenko · Pull Request #128 · thephpleague/omnipay-stripe

Add support for the SCA-ready Payment Intents API by adding a new gateway. This PR resolves #122, resolves #118 ,resolves #79.

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Your chance to upgrade to SS4 with Omnipay3 😉

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Hi all, we are keen to chat to any Christchurch based devs looking for roles at the moment. Any questions, flick me a message! https://www.seek.co.nz/job/39852009?savedSearchID=11133743&tracking=JMC-SNZ-eDM-JobMail14-3920

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Calling All Web Developers Job in Canterbury

We're on the hunt for web developers looking for a brilliant opportunity to develop their career with an industry-leader.

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It would be cheaper to accept remote applicants 😉


Depends on how you measure cost and value 🙂 We’ve got a remote team in Auckland, and that’s challenging enough (even in the same timezone)


I’d like to relocate from Brooklyn to Mt Vic 😄

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