Terry Apodaca

I am available (and could really use) for some extra SilverStripe work. I know this is a general statement...but i hardly ever do a request like this. It would have to be a remote thing as I am in the US (Texas) and I know the majority of SilverStripe firms/companies are in other locations.

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Ed Linklater

Hey y'all, I've got a couple of weeks gap between employers, so am free for some small freelance gigs. Let me know if you've got anything.

Ed Linklater

that would be your best bet if you want to pick up a PHP job in Berlin

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Too true there's lots to learn from SilverStripe

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Yeah true. SilverStripe is great to work with so want to work with it as long as I can but yeah. Would obviously find something else if SS wasn't an option in Germany, but here's to hoping 🍻


The lessons you've learnt about how modern web apps work, PHP in general, how to debug, code cleanliness, what SS does that's nice... what it doesn't... that's all in your personal toolkit, and transfers between technologies just fine. Plus, the big money is in the JS and front-end stuff these days anyway :P