Aaron Brockhurst

Me too. And nearly all of the contact has been offshoring telling me how great they are and how little they charge. Which isn’t what I’m looking for


This one is close to insane... just assuming you will give them a project... https://twitter.com/Yugasa_Sam/status/1105717464636317696

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https://twitter.com/aaronbrockhurst|@aaronbrockhurst https://twitter.com/silverstripe|@silverstripe Hello Aaron, Is there any update for me? Do you have any quick requirements document to share?

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Skills can always be taught. I'm just always skeptical of cold call spam (I notice most responses seem to be agencies wanting to be an outsource for you)

Aaron Brockhurst

It’s a small price to pay if we find a great addition to our team


Everyone is very handy at glossing over the "SilverStripe" part 🙁

Aaron Brockhurst

Lol. Not just twitter. I’ve never been so popular on skype.


Oh @Aaron Brockhurst you poor fellow, what have you opened yourself up to on Twitter :<

e.g. "SilverStripe" >Oh yes, I have experience with custom PHP sites

D:< 😠


Hi everyone, I’m looking for a freelance developer to take on one of my client’s sites. The company is a live events management outfit, based in Bristol, UK. The site is an ss3 application that needs a bit of maintenance, as well as some new features. There is potential for a fair amount of new work. Please let me know via DM or email if you’re interested 🙂