Aaron Brockhurst

Morning we’re looking for a SilverStripe dev whose got a mix of front end and back end experience to work on some exiting projects. DM or email me for more info


Anyone around London/Leeds or looking to relocate to the UK (interesting chat around relocation package, we can discuss) for a Senior dev role and/or Team Lead? Some offers on https://www.cyber-duck.co.uk/our-culture/careers 🇬🇧

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Cyber-Duck is always on the look-out for fresh talent to join our dynamic team, from creative marketeers to stellar developers and UX designers.

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Blargh, you're right, I completely missed @Jim Speir his message and thought you were talking about @MichalKleiner his message

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Sure, but if he's looking to relocate from the UK, I'm just saying it's far from impossible to find a company who will migrate you.


But WLG => AKL is a different story from USA => NZ or NL => NZ


It's not uncommon companies to pay for your migration costs. It's a small labour pool in this country, and for many companies, those things are built-in costs.