@John where are you based, and I'd imagine you're open to remote from your messages so far? This might help gather more interest or filter out those wouldn't make the fit for you 🙂

Yes, many times there will be code that needs to just be tweaked. usually 4.x a few 3.x but we want to convert those to 4.x in the future too...Thanks let me know what else yo uneed. We use bugtracker to manage issues and keep track of open and closed bugs as well as new future requests.

Sure: we have two data centers we run: on LAMP, Mostly needed for backed of SS4, and sometimes slight implemention html css once in a while. Yes, many of our sites our already up.. we have a couple now that needs some fixes . We are also adding membership features to allow users to register and add their company info, and discounts. I know I have been involved with many simple SS all the way up to large migrations...

SS project, believe it or not, could be quite a huge thing with heaps of moving parts

Front-end? Back-end? Full-stack? HTML & CSS coding or templates? Any other team members or one man show throughout the whole project? Any boilerplate code to start with or up to the dev whatever they prefer? How are the projects hosted? Amazon? Custom hosting?

Not that it’s all important to know now but it could make someone feel better matching with the skills etc.

Looking for someone that is comfortable with making everything from slight modifications to code to custom modules; using composer.

Again, anyone looking for part-time work for Silver Stripe 3.x and 4.x projects, I am also working on my PMP professional certification for Project Management. I have managed for IBM, and several public banks in the US and many Pharma Companys. I will start out with some small projects and then if it makes sense for both of us we can evolve into a long term business union..... People either like me or Hate me but one thing is for sure; you get me Pure and honest, no guessing how you are doing with me.

I want to work with someone that will be mutually beneficial; after all I am willing to take the risk with someone else; they should be too.. If you won't risk something you will never grow.....