Matt Bondi

Hello all.... we have a position going for an Intermediate position at DNA. Have a look for details here:

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Intermediate SilverStripe Developer / DNA

Intermediate SilverStripe Developer We are looking for a SilverStripe developer to join our team who is skilled, confident, enthusiastic and collaborative. It's essential that you are experienced and able to demonstrate great front and backend on projects. As an integral part of the development team, you will be developing websites and web applications for our clients.

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We've got a particular issue with getting UploadField to work on a front-end form. It's just a one off issue, where the upload field works on the front-end, but the form handler isn't receiving data for the attached file. Is someone has experience with this and could offer a hand, it would be appreciated.


We've got a couple of positions open here at SilverStripe HQ.

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Current Openings - SilverStripe

Browse current career opportunities and apply online for jobs at SilverStripe

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Hi @taoceanz nothing atm but there's no harm in responding to the Talented People vacancy so we've got your name and CV on file.

Ed Linklater

an African or European Swallow?

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Where are you based? Are you happy for remote working? What’s your deadline? 🙂


Flick me a DM if you’re interested in working with an agency and we can get in touch.