I am just being honest; I must be doing something right over 27+ years in business and local celeb on many major TV channels for my events...

Yes but you're also not going to attract any good relationships by starting out with negative terminology and trash talking your previous engagements. Please try to be inclusive and approachable, we all want this to be a happy place.


Im looking to build a relationship with a couple I can trust for some ongoing projects..if you are open to talk let me know...

i have been doing this for years, and enginner programmer and I work with alot of affordable programmers too but they have not been SS lately, its just hte SS programmers have been flakey

maybe it’s the “affordable” part? Usually quality comes with price

its about people's poor time management skills. and believe me I have been giving the teams so much leeway I'm not doing that any more 3 missed deadlines their gone

II manage and run 100;s of other non-ss projects for over 25 years.. I think I need people that are good. and too many want a fast buck and can't really commit to jack...

no, its that everything with ssilverstripe has brought me developers that have too much personal baggage and can't manage their own life and carreer

I'm just going to put this out there @John - it seems like there's a particular constant in all these bad relationships you've had... could it be time to reflect on your hiring and other processes? Perhaps there are some improvements that can be made to avoid such bad experiences in the future.

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