@leomeloxp I liked some of the songs in the playlist 😄 Don't know which ones though, as I was listening while concentrating on something else

It's pretty long. I "pre-ordered" the OST cds from Square UK, due in soon but it's also out in Japan (I think, not sure where else). I'm currently listening to it off this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCiAofU9NA0&index=53&list=PLLeyPMXAKUnx2czK62Kxu0EC9mPl_RSiU


wow more than 4 hours, guess I'll listen to it on Monday instead 😆

But yeah, Chrono Trigger is a classic. I've only came across the game on PS1 already (didn't get the SNES release) but had so much fun with it 🙂

(I know this is not #games but) has anyone played Nier Automata yet? The OST on that game is really awesome 😉

I've lived in Hong Kong for a bit, so it's legit 🙂