Not yet, I've been a bit swamped by people emailing me to "just fix stuff", which took my motivation to do any dev work well and truly away

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@Firesphere Did you end up making any advances into an ElasticSearch compat layer in silverstripe-solr-search? I vaguely remember you talking about that. Obviously going to be a leaky abstraction, but on the addField() level we could make it compatible. Just brainstorming at the moment, don’t get too spooked 😄

Aside: Elastic App Search looks quite nice from a dev/author/user/ops perspective, although I don’t really see a way to get from A to B on our platforms in a way that doesn’t double up all our efforts (and basically do everything half as good heh).


fulltextsearch distributes a "quickstart" script that might help with a more dedicated setup:

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Adds external full text search engine support to SilverStripe - silverstripe/silverstripe-fulltextsearch

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Fair enough. I'll see what I can find. Thanks for the help 🙂


If it's SS3, yeah, you're stuck with Solr 4, no clue how to run that as a daemon though


@Firesphere set the channel topic: For questions about Solr, or any general search-related topics. Complaints and feature requests also welcome! or


That's fair, the first site we'll be looking to implement it for is silverstripe 3 so probably using the module pinned at the top of the channel using solr 4?


Not sure about modern versions of Solr, sorry. @Firesphere has an excellent module that supports most of them, old and new 🙂


Depends on what version of Solr you're planning to use