Anyone had issues getting basic SilverStripe search (FulltextSearchable::enable([SiteTree::class]);) returning results with silverstripe/fluent installed? I've got the error below. Fluent is hooking into the augmentSQL extend and altering the where clause to use a table that doesn't exist. I've seen Fluent create table names but call a table AS the localised table name and not just calling the localised table name. Thought maybe I'm missing some configuration or something. All I've done is enable FulltextSearchable on SiteTree, and added $SearchForm to the front-end.

TractorCow\Fluent\Extension\FluentExtension hooks into augmentSQL extend provided by SilverStripe\ORM\DataQuery->getFinalisedQuery::335 and alters table to include locale in table name: https://github.com/tractorcow-farm/silverstripe-fluent/blob/master/src/Extension/FluentExtension.php#L346

  1. Exception has occurred.
  2. SilverStripe\ORM\Connect\DatabaseException: Couldn't run query:
  3. SELECT DISTINCT count(*)
  4. FROM "SiteTree_Live"
  5. WHERE (
  6. MATCH (Title, MenuTitle, Content, MetaDescription) AGAINST ('query*' IN BOOLEAN MODE)
  7. + MATCH (Title, MenuTitle, Content, MetaDescription) AGAINST ('query*' IN BOOLEAN MODE)
  8. AND ShowInSearch <> 0)
  9. AND (("SiteTree_Localised_en_US"."ID" IS NOT NULL))

FulltextSearchable::enable([SiteTree::class]); seems to do it

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add a filter condition to your query or remove the File class from the index


is there a way to exclude files from search results, to give the CMS editors time to go and set permissions on assets?


ah, found that it's returning files from assets


I believe fulltextsearch already does that - each result checks the canView method


is it possible for search to only show results that the current user has access to?


Ok cool thanks, just needed a sanity check 😂 Ill just let it keep running for a bit longer


The first reindex will spawn others if it needs to