I think SS will create the DB for you if you have privileges to do it

  1. SilverStripe\Assets\File:
  2. create_table_options:
  3. MySQLDatabase: 'ENGINE=MyISAM'

Well after 2-3 days of this, what finally worked was adding this to config/theme.yml


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How can I set a MySQL database to use MyISAM by default?

I have a MySQL server which has it's default storage engine set as InnoDB. I have a project which requires the tables in the database to be MyISAM. I'd like to create my database with a flag to s...

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Right. Ok so I need to figure out to create a MyISAM DB in sequel pro, thanks.


Is there a config setting when creating a fresh install of SS that you can tell it to create the DB as MyISAM?