don't rag on the design or colors, I just coded it, the designers are to blame, but:

for sure the trend has gone to much much wider designs, but with these massively large screens these days...full width designs just look ridiculous. like @flamerohr said, at some point you have to reach a max-width to keep a site looking right.

Oh yeah, I remember designing for full width, but we had set a max-width for the content It came out so nicely in the end

Perhaps on the American continent (no offence please), but even with fixed width content you can still have full width design 😉

Looks great! Most sites have a fixed or max-width set on them anyway, because going toooooo wide just doesn't make sense for most layouts. Plus, there's probably still 40-50% of people out there on smaller outdated 19 inch square monitors too...

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Personally I’m not a fan of fixed width design, but if it does the job for the client, then ok

I can’t read spanish, but I guess it looks ok 🙂

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