Brett, I’ve invited you through your work emaila ddress


I can set up the basics for discourse tomorrow (with the plugins I’ve found useful*). I’d do it tonight, but we have work drinks.

  • Are there any other plugins people want?

there are some decent theme options for us to start with. I’d recommend we build out design stuff on top of one of the material themes.

Theme css/js etc is mostly done via the admin interface (we can also use github to make a proper theme and pull that in via the admin interface - depending on the scope of the customisations ) . The main issue with theme customisations is that it can make updates a little more volatile. It doesn’t often completely break things, but most updates do involve at least ~10minutes of css fixes for the site I look after. Updates come out at least once a month, but we don’t necessarily need to update our instance with every update. If we have a preview/live set up we can run updates on preview, make the css changes, then copy them across to live.


currently I don’t bother with that level of complication though 😉