!here|@here Get involved in SilverStripe CMS v.4 user testing With the upcoming release of SilverStripe CMS 4 we are about to run some more user research. We’re looking for people who use SilverStripe products to join the Research Panel to share their experiences to help improve them.

Here’s your chance to help improve SilverStripe tools to ensure they work for you. Share your experience, and try out new features before they get released into the wild.

Join the SilverStripe User Research Panel:

More about the SilverStripe User Research Panel SilverStripe is always looking for ways to improve the things we build. The User Research Panel helps to ensure the developer community are building the most relevant things for those using them.

The panel includes CMS Administrators, Developers, and Process Managers. With the help of the panel, SilverStripe CMS, SilverStripe Platform and the NZ Government Common Web Platform (CWP) will become better tools.

What to expect By signing up the panel, members will have the opportunity to get involved when we’re doing research to help build better tools. This could include online surveys, interviews, in-person user testing.

You can opt out at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link on emails you receive, and we’ll keep your contact details and responses confidential.