@customPhpDev Siteconfig is already available in the templates. For example, if you want to get the site title which you can set in the site config, just use: $SiteConfig.Title


Is there any way that I get the site name in any of the template file? e.g. I make method in Page.php called getSiteName() and I can get its value in any of the template file?


@wmk what was the behaviour in the old install? If it's not the same then it's a regression and should be fixed.


It seems like in 3.1.5 this was added; in my test installatino it doesn't throw warnings for "array key not found" etc... Had to add checks or prefilling with "0" in 3.7.


oh, 3.1! that was before the semantic versioning adoption


I meant between e.g. 3.5 and 3.7 :)


Hi, can I have two tabs for the same DataObject in the ModelAdmin? something like:

  1. private static $managed_models = array(
  2. 'Nomination' => ['title' => 'Active Nominations'], // Should show 'Nomination's with Status = 'Active'
  3. 'Nomination' => ['title' => 'Previous Nominations'], // Should show 'Nomination's with Status != 'Active'
  4. );

I updated a project to SS3.7 and noticed, that "nulled" manymany_extraFields are not part of the result set, when calling $object->myManyManyRelation(). Is this a bug or a feature?