Anish Joshi

Morning guys, i've got a TextField in the CMS which I'm using to paste HTML code in, but when I call the field in my template using $FieldName it just prints the HTML as text rather than actual code. anyone know how to bypass this? I've tried using $FieldName.Raw but no luck


It might be worth just checking what cookies are being set and with what configuration when you try logging in


although it only happening when you try to log in points to something else.


(i.e. infrastructural, not application) could cause this.


caches the redirect, then around and around you go.


@espenlg If you have a silverstripe-cache folder, make sure to empty it and run flush, if you're still having issues


on that note, if you don’t have a silverstripe-cache folder, it’ll usually create one for you in the server’s temp directory, and it can be cleared there


or you can create the silverstripe-cache folder, making the one in /tmp (or similar) ignored :)


Thanks! I’ve tried to empty it but it didn’t help. I’ll figure something out - just wanted to ask in case it was a very simple solution that I didn’t know about”