but the tracking is way more intense, so maybe.

@nightjarnz evening/morning 😄 is there a built in function to check for image usage in the CMS. So return an array or datalist of any images that are on currently published pages?

the theme list would be project first, then the 'global' theme.

Yeah, for that @_thomas I'd had the base theme to themes on your "├╝ber repo", then override them by having the ones you want to override in your project.

@nightjarnz haha yeah slightly different. I have one git repo managing a single project then pull any changes to sites using that project. It's more or less a subsite situation with the exception that instead of all sites literally running from a single SS install, each site has it's own copy of project but all those project copies link back to the same git repo. I've done it like this because ultimately I want to migrate all these sites into a subsite but just doing it one step at a time. To clarify, I have only 2 sites in this situation currently. Just thinking forward to question how to overwrite templates if that's necessary in the future.