if each site is it's own app (project folder), then they can all leverage the root themes.

But yes, I was meaning

  1. installation-root/app/
  2. installation-root/themes/
  3. installation-root/vendor/
etc. That themes.

_@_thomas this is a rather uncommon use case, but that's OK. How have you structured the different sites? Do they all use the same project, or are different projects?

@nightjarnz I'm slightly confused. There an app folder that contains Page.php, _config.php and all of that. Then same level, there's a themes folder containing themes. The situation I'm in is having multiple sites all requiring the same functionality, though having a unique look and feel per site. 1 back-end, multiple front-ends. In saying that, all template files currently can be shared to any site as there's no differences in the html, just colours, fonts, margins etc. It's more or less, each site just needs it's own stylesheet, images and js but the rest can be shared between all sites. That's why I've put templates in the app folder. I'm reading it as you meaning to put things in the themes folder to be shared, but in saying that, you're thinking about sharing in terms of one theme being used on multiple sites?

_@_thomas ah... other way around friend! If things are to be shared I would put them in themes, if they're to be for that one site (project) only, then I'd put it in the project.

@nightjarnz interesting, I was under the impression the best practice was to put theme files in the project folder. I'm trying ultimately to avoid double handling code and say, having a dozen sites all using the same template files so there's 12 copies of the same thing. Thinking to have all template files in project folder then move it to the theme folder only if one of the sites requires a unique instance of it.

Just quickly, do I have the definition of 'project' correct. I have been thinking the project referred to contents in the app/mysite folder. Is this correct?