"/api/v1/BlogPost" is correct, but as @ethanj suggests, there's something wrong with the extension itself irrespective of the restfulserver module. You'd prob get that when accessing a BlogPost in the admin


"localhost/MYSITE/api/v1/BlogPostExtension" will never work. An extension subtly modifies the extended object.


I'm just querying the endpoint in the browser via:


(/api/v1/BlogPost or /Blog doesn't work)


What are you doing when you get that error? It looks unrelated to the restful portion and more like an problem with the blog module maybe?


I can post the rest of the error if needed


This the main error I can reproduce: [Emergency] Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method BlogPostExtension::hasOne()


Hi Folks,

I am looking to pull some data from my site into a mobile app. So far I am trying to use to add a simple rest api to the require dataobjects.

One of the objects is silverstripe/blog. I was wondering how I could achieve adding the restful server above to silvertstripe/blog?

I have a blog extension set up, and I added

  1. private static $api_access = true;

to the extension, but I get some errors and I don't believe this is the correct way to go about it?

Has anyone done this before, or have any suggestions?

Anyone have suggestions instead of using restful server module?

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