i.e. hosting a linux box on a windows host with a shared volume

usually because of a symlink in one place that doesnt match it elsewhere

yeah, you need to blow away that directory (edited)

Haven’t seen that one before, tbh I’d probably try rm -rf vendor/ and composer install 😛

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I'm brain dead and can't remember the fix to this...

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You'll need to add a has_many relationship and then use a eerr... I can never remember which one DropdownField on the getCMSFields of Product to bind the relation

How to I get them added to the Product so all they have to do is select them (can select multiple)?

The SiteConfig part works fine, I have already entered the "Active Ingredients" in the settings -> Active Ingredients tab

I've got a DataObject added to SiteConfig so that the client only has one location to enter "Active Ingredients" where the DO only has a Title, Description and Image.