Anyone seen this before? manifestcache-log.WARNING: Failed to save values {"keys":["__CACHE__"],"exception":null} []


@mmativ should be possible to render custom html, so try with html markup


Are there any special things to consider if I need to move certain DataObjects with assets to another SilverStripe instance? How would I approach something like that? I have an existing project with a few DataObjects (including files and images) that need to be moved to another SilverStripe instance. It's only about 20% of the assets of that project, so I need to move these specific ones, including database records (which would need new IDs, I guess)


Hi, there’s any way to display svg image into summary fields?


At the very worst it'll just be closed with a pointer to docs/whatever was missed. But really if you've not already uncovered that then I'd say it's not intuitive and needs fixing anyway.


[2019-03-22 08:24:58] manifestcache-log.WARNING: Failed to save values {"keys":["__CACHE__"],"exception":null} []