Yeah I don't really know, but its the host of a customer I got

either it's enabled or not. what does they mean with "dynamic version"??

Yeah the thing with the mod_rewrite is, that my host says its enabled. But its using some kind of dynamic version thats new on apache. So it doesn't detect it. Thats what they're saying.

I you want to install it by hand you need to configure your environment (e.g. by using a .env file) for the db credentials and maybe other stuff. Then run dev/build in our browser or in the console and it should be installed


fine! I normally install it "by hand" or by a deployment script. But an unkown host is always a challenge

afaik you need mod_rewrite. But mod_rewrite is pretty standard with apache hosting I really wonder why you don't have it available

Or at which version it isn't required to have mod_rewrite active? (edited)

Does anyone know how to install Silverstripe without using the install.php?

They'd be in draft mode with that code, so you'll want to add a publish step in there too if that's what you want


  1. $files = scandir('/path/to/uploads');
  2. foreach ($files as $file) {
  3. if (is_file('/path/to/uploads/'.$file) {
  4. $image = Image::create();
  5. $image->setFromLocalFile('/path/to/uploads/'.$file);
  6. $image->write();
  7. unlink('/path/to/uploads/'.$file);
  8. }
  9. }

That's entirely untested, so probably full of errors, but hopefully you get the idea. It won't sync the files as such, but it will allow you to bulk-add them (edited)

if anyones managed to do this let me know please, shutting off for the weekend so PM me please 🙂