i did run into that silverware module a bit earlier but it didn't seem to be working. Once I've installed it, do I just need to apply the extensions to a certain class?


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I am using silverstripe/blog, and notice that I do not get a dialog to fill in the PublishDate. The input uses type datetime-local, but this is not supported in Firefox (it's only supported in Chrome and Edge). The input says "03/26/2018 3:01 AM", and I can in fact update it if I use the same format, but that's not a native format to me, so I'm not sure where it's coming from. Perhaps it is a fallback mechanism using php interpretation?

I do notice that it has a hidden field which stores the actual PublishDate, and another field that is visible, so I guess there's javascript going on as well. So my suggestion is to check for browser support for datetime(-local), and if it's not there, separate the date and time into two inputs, and merge them together into the hidden input.

Any case, right now, it is a confusing experience.

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The best way to ensure the browser datepickers work properly is not to use them.. .they're hopeless. I always just us this:

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Anyone have any idea how I can get the Datepicker field to show properly in IE11 on the frontend?


(Running the same file twice results in "No changes", but 90% of accounts are not imported)


I am trying to import accounts via CSV. I have several large CSV files, but every time I run the import it only imports a small portion of accounts specified. What could cause that?