I suspected summaryFields could be an idea but documentation only appears on DataObject API docs and just includes an array argument for the DO. I guess if I was to implement that then maybe it would output standard textual fields rather than everything when I MyObject::summaryFields? But that is a complete guess based on the function name heh

Yeah it seemed pretty bleh tbh, this is entirely supplemental but if there's some kind of way I can get that into a less detailed object then it's ready

DataObject::get() will return a DataList, so you probably don't want to just directly try and json_encode that anyway

But I'm looking to implement a list to output for later use, if I json_encode(MyObject::get()) then wouldn't it just encode everything, including that pesky HTML field? (edited)

The ORM will lazy-load, so it won't run the queries until it actually knows what you want.

When getting data objects, is it possible to just pull through specific fields from that DO rather than all of them? I have some hefty HTML fields which I don't need in my controller's output to JSON so I'd like to omit it from the action's output

Ok you guys won me over with ORM, I just made 3 dynamic pages in basically no time at all