@Nightcrawler this kind of query is best raised as an issue on GitHub :)


When displaying an error during image upload e.g. image on a Page, the error message is usually very small and cut off. Here's a rendered HTML example:

  1. <div class="uploadfield-item__error-message">Filesize is too large, maximum 2 MB allowed</div>

In the Gridfield it's like cutoff after "Filesize is too large, ma...". Is it at least possible to set the error as title to the DIV so someone can actually read it when hovering with the mouse?


Probably the safest bet - wherever the cache is stored really (generally tmp yeh).


I have an action to create a zip file of file attachments to items in a gridfield. In SS3 it's creating the zip under assets and then creating a full file object for it but but we don't really need it to persist. I'm just wondering where is the best location to create the zip before streaming it to the client. sys_get_temp_dir()?


for some reason I thought restfulserver was deprecated in favour of GraphQL?

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RESTful APIs aren't deprecated in favour of GraphQL by the web development community at large - they still provide plenty of advantages. So I don't think this module will be deprecated in the near future.


It'll give you json output, and you can define the columns, etc.


Just in case you aren't aware of it, this exists:

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[2019-03-22 08:19:22] manifestcache-log.WARNING: Failed to save values {"keys":["__CACHE__"],"exception":null} []