in the meantime i switched to LiteralField, seems easier


is this also for the opened item or just for the row?


How do i add custom button or link to the actions in a GridField? I tried with getCMSActions but nothing happens


The 2 names of the objects in the top level of the array show up but not from the child ArrayList


How can I loop nested ArrayLists in the template? I thought it would work by looping children but nothing happens...

ArrayList structure:

  1. $groupedList [ArrayList]
  2. items [array]
  3. 0 [object]
  4. 1 [object]
  5. 2 [ArrayList]
  6. items [array]
  7. 0 [object]
  8. 1 [object]


  1. <% loop $groupedList %>
  2. <% if $Children %>
  3. <% loop $Children %>
  4. $Name
  5. <% end_loop %>
  6. <% else %>
  7. $Name
  8. <% end_if %>

Good idea, thanks @firesphere I was assuming the tool was going to give all the information I needed but will checkout NGINX logs and PHP logs, too.


I've gotta go, but I think there are quite some folks around that might be able to help. My gut instinct says: Enable logging in PHP and check the logs constantly 😄