If it doesn't give you want you want, hopefully it might give you some ideas on implementing what you want :)

Anthony van Beek

Thanks once again ya’all. I’ll investigate.

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Garry Yeatman

^ I haven't done that. but in the past I have created a row element that can have multiple columns that can have multiple elements.

Anthony van Beek

Has anyone created (or have any idea how to) an Elemental Area (silverstripe-elemental) Element that can have multiple elemental areas? We are looking at adding a content block which is a 50/50 percent split and then you can choose an existing elemental area for the left and another for the right. Think it’s possible in a relatively simple way?


also i'm trying find the code to add onto the homepage to get the latest blog post for SS 4.4.1


hello, does anyone know how to add the reset button for the blog search form to clear the filter search?


I think these are two different things actually (more for #general)… nothing bad with squashing and rebasing to make it nice, but then merge with no-ff for us