Aaron Cooper

Good thing about alteration_message is it handles output for both CLI and Browser


Yeah that should work in SS4 as well ^. Otherwise for my environment, debug::show and echo usually works as well

Aaron Cooper

I used DB::alteration_message in SS3. Not had a look in SS4


I've tried using Debug::message('Thing to log', false) and also tried setting up a logger ($this->logger->info('thing to log')), but nothing prints to the terminal. It prints to the browser window though via Debug::message.


During a dev/task, what's the best way to print text to the terminal running the task?


it seesm like thats what does it for default stuff


Yea it does do an ajax call to my action - which is nice. Just be nice to return ajax and it display in the notice up the top right. Looking into that now - thank you