That's OK @Jose - I understand you're new. We're all here to help! You can't learn if you don't ask the question :)


Thanks a lot @nightjarnz I interpreted literally, sorry I am new to Silverstripe. I will use <% loop $Children %> instead. Regards Jose


ah, some confusion there @Jose <% loop $Menu(1) %> is only needed to start a menu. If you wish to go deeper in the tree from that point, you should use <% loop $Children %> instead :)

e.g. <% loop $Menu(2) %> would be used to start a sidebar, and exclude the top level menu from the list (where the top level probably runs horizontal across the top of the page)


Hello, Now I am dealing with the sub-menus. I am using this reference, the "Menu Loops" section of:

  1. <% loop $Menu(1) %>
  2. ...
  3. <% end_loop %>
  4. $Menu(1) returns the top-level menu of the website. You can also create a sub-menu using $Menu(2), and so forth.

In SS CMS I have the following pages: Home Products Category 1 Product 1.1 Product 1.2 Category 2 Product 2.1 Product 2.2 Category 3 ..... Contact I am doing this but the second level menu (Categories) does not shown. What am I doing wrong?

  1. <!-- INI CMS Menu --->
  3. <ul id="menu-menu-1" >
  4. <% loop $Menu(1) %>
  5. <li class="menu-item"><a class='$LinkingMode nav-link' href='$Link' title='Go to the $Title page'>$MenuTitle</a></li>
  7. <ul id="menu-menu-2" >
  8. <% loop $Menu(2) %>
  9. <li class="menu-item "><a class='$LinkingMode nav-link' href='$Link' title='Go to the $Title page'>$MenuTitle</a></li>
  10. <% end_loop %>
  11. <div class="clear"></div>
  12. </ul>
  14. <% end_loop %>
  15. <div class="clear"></div>
  16. </ul>
  18. <!-- END CMS Menu --->

Any hint is appreciated. Jose


4.4 unversioned objects pass through to their owned objects still, yes


It's the UI error, yes... wasn't aware of that one


There's still a UI error on upload fields I think... they still show as draft until you reload the page

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