we have the weirdest issue ... when we publish a page with an image IN the HTMLEditor section, then it shows fine, when we load it in an incognito (logged out window), then it shows, however, when we close all incognito windows and reload the page, the image stops working. It is the SAME url - but it goes from "perfectly"visible to 404 - with a really weird 404 error.


Got a strange issue. If I create a new user group, give it the permission "Access to 'Pages' section" and thats all, then any user in that group (and only that group) seems to be able to create and edit pages. When I look summary of permissions for the user, only "Access to 'Pages' section" is ticked. I can override the canEdit and check permissions and return false, but this seems like it might be an issue..


You can add the conditional statements on the children so you don't end up with markup you don't need


You'll end up with something like this:

  1. <ul>
  2. <% loop $Menu(1) %>
  3. <li><a href="$Link">$MenuTitle.XML</a>
  4. <% if $Children %>
  5. <ul>
  6. <% loop $Children %>
  7. <li><a href="$Link">$MenuTitle.XML</a></li>
  8. <% end_loop %>
  9. <% end_if %>
  10. </li>
  11. <% end_loop %>
  12. </ul>
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That's OK @Jose - I understand you're new. We're all here to help! You can't learn if you don't ask the question :)


Thanks a lot @nightjarnz I interpreted literally, sorry I am new to Silverstripe. I will use <% loop $Children %> instead. Regards Jose


ah, some confusion there @Jose <% loop $Menu(1) %> is only needed to start a menu. If you wish to go deeper in the tree from that point, you should use <% loop $Children %> instead :)

e.g. <% loop $Menu(2) %> would be used to start a sidebar, and exclude the top level menu from the list (where the top level probably runs horizontal across the top of the page)