^ don't use it to install, but we use it as a simple baseline for clients self hosting to ensure the basic requirements are installed for running SS

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To make a Silverstripe site run, you only need to define the .env file :)

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Hello, I managed to create a Centos 7 VM, PUPHPET did not work for me. Now I am in the final installation step. I installed via composer SS4 in /var/www/html/website/ 1.- I followed this tutorial: and I have mod_rewrite enabled on the development VM. 2.- The command httpd -M shows: rewrite_module (shared) 3.- httpd.conf in Directory "/var/www/html" has the following

  1. <Directory "/var/www/html">
  2. ExecCGI MultiViews
  3. Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
  4. AllowOverride All
  5. Require all granted
  6. </Directory>

4.- /var/www/html/.htaccess has only: RewriteEngine On 5.- SIlverstripe installer complains this: URL rewriting support You need mod_rewrite to use friendly URLs with SilverStripe, but it is not enabled. In fact is enabled, I am stuck, what can I do? Thanks for any ideas. Jose

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mod_rewrite Apache CentOS | DigitalOcean

Apache is a modular web server that allows you to customize its capabilities by enabling and disabling modules. This provides administrators the ability to tailor the functionality of Apache to meet the needs of their web application.

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nevermind me - should check the issues first.

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TinyMCE / sanitiseShortCodeProperties is not a function · Issue #1012 · silverstripe/silverstripe-asset-admin

When inserting an image through TinyMCE you are now greeted with the following error: TypeError: (0 , g.sanitiseShortCodeProperties) is not a function Affects SilverStripe 4.4.4. I also believe thi...

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it works on one site that’s v4.4.4, but not on another, and I have no idea why that might be


anyone run into TypeError: c.sanitiseShortCodeProperties is not a function when trying to use the media embed? SS v4.4.4