HI everyone. How can I add templates to the TinyMCE in ss4? in SS3 I would do something like the answer in this thread: https://www.silverstripe.org/community/forums/customising-the-cms/show/23046


Unsure, there are a number of config options for email. You'd have to skim the source though to get a definitive list ;)


Is it possible to have an admin email, and a contact email?


How does one set the 'from' email address for the forgot password email?


Hi everyone!

We have reached feature freeze for the next minor (4.5) and released 4.5.0-rc1.

Some more details about changelogs are on the forums: https://forum.silverstripe.org/t/4-5-feature-freeze-4-5-0-rc1/2448

Any help with catching regressions would be appreciated 🙂

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4.5 Feature Freeze (4.5.0-RC1)

Hello everyone! We have reached feature freeze for the next minor version of Silverstripe CMS (4.5) The following recipe versions have been released: silverstripe/installer:4.5.0-rc1 cwp/installer:2.5.0-rc1 Changelog drafts can be found accordingly at https://docs.silverstripe.org/en/4/changelogs/rc/4.5.0-rc1/ and https://docs.silverstripe.org/en/4/changelogs/4.5.0 https://www.cwp.govt.nz/developer-docs/en/2/releases_and_changelogs/cwp_2.5.0-rc1 These are unstable and intended for test...

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Thanks @Bryn for the clarification. Look forward to the update.