hey gang

  1. [Emergency] Uncaught Error: Call to a member function scaffoldSearchField() on string
normaly i just solve this by adding an empty searchable_fields to the DO in question. but this is the SiteConfig? and adding
  1. private static $searchable_fields = [];
  2. private static $summary_fields = [];
via siteconfigextension seems to not fix it? ive also tried adding yaml config to siteconfig but same issue

I subclassed MySQLDatabase to adjust searchEngine... How can I tell SS to use my subclass instead? Injector somehow doesn't seem to work as expected

the firewall service or network share service probably isn’t set up to start on boot

Do you know how I can fix this please? Struggling to get anyone out @dhensby 😕

any commands I can run to determine the problem? atleast then google can be my best friend 😕

Well, how was the shared drive working? samba?

you want to check the SMB service is running

i mean, if you’re running cpanel it’s probably all configured via the GUI, so hard to really know how to do this all

Im going to be so un helpful because honestly I dont know. All I ever did was access the files in my documents "mapped network drive" and used cpanel as normal and SSH where necessary. Everything works but mapping the drive

so you do //server.domain/drive to map it?

try running /etc/init.d/samba status (edited)

could the server have lost internet connection is that possible?

okay thats fine, thank you. Something I have learned

I can get onto cpanel on my machine thats working

because it is cpanel the samba share is probably all managed there - I don’t know cpanel wellenough

Trying to get someone to come out is so hard aswell this is a pain as I cant do no work 😞

Think im going to have to call someone out damnnnn 🤯

I can also access cpanel fine from my browser

Any networking people in here? We had a powercut last night. I can still access my in house server domains via a browser for eg website.servername but I cant map any windows network drives to access the files from my machine. I get connection was refused. I have no idea about networking. Does anyone know what it may be?

@Ramon Lapenta did you try composer vendor-expose ? (edited)

No, but doesn’t it do the same when doing the initial install if the exposed paths are defined in the composer.json?

im not sure but try it, maybe it will solve your issue

then you need to define the folder into themes composer.json

  1. "expose": [
  2. "css",
  3. "images",
  4. "javascript",
  5. "webfonts",
  6. "fonts"
  7. ]

then after defining, run the composer vendor-expose

I can’t do it right now, but will check tomorrow if it makes any difference

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btw did you see the folders or file under public/resources/themes ?

because when running expose, it will copy the file to public folders

Thing is, after I commented the contents of that generated htaccess it all works fine

I know not a lot of people use this kind of cache busting, most people use query strings

because if im correct if you have issue on css file, just do ?flush so the file will be regenerate again

But again, the real file is fine, what didn’t work is the redirect

did you use <% require css("<my-module-dir>/css/some_file.css") %> or Requirements::css("<my-module-dir>/css/some_file.css"); ?

And it works now on SS after removing that extra htaccess

try the requirements approach maybe that solve your problem

i nver experience that issue before btw

I do it this way because my build system regenerates the number on every compile of sass

Do you use a redirect like mine? This issue is very specific to my case and the redirect

There you go, what didn’t work was the redirect, the expose works fine

Mostly curious about that generated htaccess that affects my case particularly

Spent a good two hours trying to find out why my styles were not showing 😓