Mario Sommereder

Hej there. I just killed a client website through an update from 4.2 → 4.4. It works locally on my machine, but crashes online. Has someone an idea why it broke?


If you aren't already using PHP 7.1+ then I highly recommend that you consider putting this on your backlog


We will not change the PHP requirements for versions prior to SilverStripe 4.5


Been a little chatter about this today. Just making it super clear: SilverStripe 4.5 onwards will require PHP 7.1. We will be contributing (and accepting contributions with) new APIs that use all the juicy good stuff like strict types, return types, scalar types, spaceship operators, and null coalesce operators.

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>>> This field allows you to ensure that a form element is submitted is not optional and is part of a fixed set of data.

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