I'm not getting php errors but in my console I'm getting a 404 for two js files in bootstrap - tried exposing the modules with composer but that made no change


Following on from my discussion with @Firesphere ( - not sure if this is a bug or a an issue with my environment. But with a very simple model and default ModelAdmin on 4.4.3 I'm getting a blank page after saving new objects

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Howard Grigg

Anyone had an issue with ModelAdmin returning a blank screen when creating objects? Just using the default scaffolded form - when I save the object it saves but then the Main area is blank. If I go into an already created object and edit it it works normally. No errors in php log...

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It clears the server cache, not the browser one


that builds the db though and doesn't clear cache


docs seem to imply sake dev/build "flush=1" should do it


I'm having some trouble getting sake to clear the cache


Does anyone know what I have done wrong? 😕

  1. $Make = $fields->dataFieldByName("MakeID");
  2. if ($Make) {
  3. $fields->addFieldToTab(
  4. 'Root.Main',
  5. DependentDropdownField::create(
  6. 'ModelID',
  7. 'Model',
  8. function ($val) {
  9. // Return empty list if no value set
  10. if (empty($val)) {
  11. return [];
  12. }
  13. // Else, get the grouped data of makes / models
  14. return $this->dataSource($val);
  15. }
  16. )->setDepends($Make)->setDescription("You must first select a 'Make'")
  17. );
  18. }