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Google Sitemaps module for the SilverStripe CMS. Contribute to wilr/silverstripe-googlesitemaps development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Vytautas Gluoksnis

sorry for confusing you, I need my website sitetree to be generated and be accessible via URL, let’s say


not sure what GWD is but do you mean sitemap?

Vytautas Gluoksnis

@phyzical I need to submit new sitetree diagram to GWD, and I can’t get it 🙂


@Vytautas Gluoksnis are you after a uml diagram or do you mean /admin sitetree objects

Vytautas Gluoksnis

Hey people, sorry for possibly silly question, but how can I generate SS4 project Site Tree? Do I need any specific module for that or it’s included in CMS?

Chris Kreft

Does anyone know the grey screen when adding new dataobjects to a page after saving? No error, no nothing. Even the returned code seems to be okay but is not displayed.


Unless, of course, that critical one is "force HTTPS" 😄