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Derk Gortemaker (Twisted Bytes)

Hi all, for all buddy users with SSH / jump server issues, please go to: https://forum.buddy.works/t/ssh-config-agent/1181 I hope they will give it more priority if it gets more popular. ( sorry for the cross post )

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SSH config + agent

This is a follow up on a previous request to make SSH, Rsync and SFTP action more flexible: I have the need to use a jump host and some other “advanced” SSH options not available right now. For this is would be really useful to have more control over the SSH, rsync and sftp actions. I need to be able to set a ~/.ssh/config file and activate the ForwardAgent that is used with the SSH commands. With that forward agent, and settings it would be possible to use the ProxyJump option in SSH and ...

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Been quite sometime using Silverstripe, keen to attend stripeconeu this year (virtually)

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while I agree that he could have shown better manners, keep in mind that firesphere was one of the people that started stripecon


Just Wow. Didn't see any question here either 🤷‍♂️