Lets see how much spare income I have next year!

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Even I manage to save up at least 200NZD a year... 100 euro can't be that much for Bronze sponsoring and your face on a banner, right? 😄

Didn't know it was that in fairness, I assumed it would be more expensive 😱

Not sure what the bottom price is for Bronze nowadays, but it used to be 100 euro. @blueskies?

The bronze sponsor tier is 300 euro, and includes one ticket.


Original thought was "It's better to have 100 small (100 Euro) sponsors, than 10 medium/large sponsors (500 Euro)" Or something like that. A lot of little ones, can make a bigger impact than a few large ones

Hmmm, food for thought, make the Bronze 250? I understand and agree of upping the lower limits, but 250 just sound a bit sweeter. 256 would actually be perfect 😛

Sorry for the confusion @Mo and @blueskies, I've not been that much involved the last 3 events 🙂

kihihi, 256, 512 and 1024 Euro... perfect amount for sponsoring!

hmm, in between 512 and 1024 we'd need a nicer number

Or maybe you get to get the best of both worlds?

Though you also might come without sponsoring....

@Mo you're welcome to sponsor even if you don't come

Ah cool, looking forward to catching up on the latest (hopefully next year I can go)!

Yep, they will all be free to watch on SilverStripe's vimeo.

Free on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/silverstripe


Are you guys going to be charging for the video? Or are they going up onto public YouTube/Vimeo?