Quoting @blueskies: "Talks were recorded, and are being edited as we type. We'll have them live as soon as their are back from the video guy 😄"

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Hey all, I was wondering, did anyone film any of the talks at StripeCon?

Just tried one

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So I guess thanks again to everyone who organized stripecon for showing me new things even after the conference is well past over lol

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Licorice or Liquorice are more common names for it in the English language. Although, my American friend described the DZ (short for double salted) as "Saltier than salt itself!" 😄

Can confirm, thanks again!

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Damn.... sorry about that guys... my bad... That was the only vector logo they sent me, I didn't realize there was another name

to all PHPInspections Licence winners: We printed the wrong logo on the vouchers. The licence is of course for the ultimate edition!

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You can open PSD files in the browser and measure them, extract layers etc. Not as good as an Export from Sketch (http://utom.design/measure/), but better than Photoshop (for a developer).

Sketch Measure - Make it a fun to create spec for developers and teammates

I spoke with @wmk about it, but maybe it's useful for others: https://psdetch.com/

PSDETCH | photoshop online | pdf to jpg | psd | pdf
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