Talks were recorded, and are being edited as we type. We'll have them live as soon as their are back from the video guy 😄

@wmk do we have recordings of the talks? would love to see them.

@channel I added all slides to the website. Also added as much as I remembered from the lightning talks. If you have any more info I should put there, please ping me

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Hi Andy - yes, already hard working 🙂 Thanks for the images!

Everyone back in the office? I really enjoyed our meeting in Enschede. Here are some photos I made:

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Thanks for the pics Andy! And thanks so much for your talk, I really enjoyed it! And yes, back to the office we go 😄

We have to thank, we had really a great time in Enschede. Everything was perfect!

Good to hear. I missed you, too. I hope my boss didn’t bore you with his blasphemous Gutenberg integration talk.

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Hahhah, no he blew me away with the Gutenberg integration! I'm so excited you guys put it out there as a module, I can see use cases for it in our current projects already! I heard it goes live this/next week and we're eager to hear how it goes!

It’s really horrible. We know now what we want from an editor, and more importantly, we learned how not to do the blocks. We’ll be looking to throw it away and start it from scratch this time to do something similar to what the bossman described with JSON.

Awesome, so the current module is a proof of concept that looks and works like how you'd like, but you're not happy yet with all the parts under the hood?

Were you able do some versioning/add history to the blocks/pages in the Gutenberg module? Or are you hoping to do that in the rebuild? I'm imagining that would be a pain and a half...

Oh you can fully use it by all means, in fact we have it in two production websites live right now. We just don’t like what it is under the hood

It saves content to the content field so versioning is out of the box

Get it, play around with it. @oilee80 and I will help you get started, too.

But it’s like many projects after you do them, we know much more about it now then we did when we started, so we’d like to use the concept and execute it slightly better.

Ah, awesome! We will defintely have a look at it! Great for things like "landingpages" what so many marketing departements are always wanting. Thanks!

And oh, yes! You live, learn, then toss out the code and start anew 😄