Shaun Moore

Turns out i18n doesnt do front end, anyone have anything I can do for this?

Shaun Moore

When running i18n text task collector returning this error

  1. user_error('Error concatenating localisation key', E_USER_WARNING);

Do you have any backtrace where and why the error occurs? If not, can you install xdebug on your dev machine to get this backtrace?


@tractorcow is on a roll! another new alpha.... Thanks !

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Ah, found the culprit:

  1. // If we do not wish to detect the locale automatically, fix the home page route
  2. // to the default locale for this domain.
  3. if (!Fluent::config()->detect_locale) {
  4. $routes[''][self::config()->query_param] = static::default_locale(true);
  5. }

Working with an old SS3 site using fluent. Trying to get the remember locale functionality working however when visiting the home page without a locale in url it always resets the locale to the default locale despite a FluentLocale cookie existing. Any ideas? I’ve been messing around in FluentRootURLController but looks like this is happening before a lot of the logic in there.


anyone managed to put locale prefix before a static route?