you can loop the $Locales and check if the current page exists in each locale with FluentState. that LocaleMenu example just links to each site language, rather than different versions for each page

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Ramon Lapenta

I didn’t know about FluentState, but the code above does link to each page, so I’m hiding the current page link with CSS and leaving the other one visible, works quite well

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or even better, a PR that in the very least adds a line about this to the README (if it works) :D


please feel free to raise an issue about poor docs on this :)


Will go out on a shot limb here and say that this is it though, perhaps you could reverse ninjaneer if it's not quite what you're after

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<% if $Locales %>
<div class="left">Locale <span class="arrow">→</span>
    <nav class="primary">
            <% loop $Locales %>
                <li class="$LinkingMode">
                    <a href="$Link.ATT" <% if $LinkingMode != 'invalid' %>rel="alternate" hreflang="$LocaleRFC1766"<% end_if %>>$Title.XML</a>
            <% end_loop %>
<% end_if %>
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