If you use the old ss3 version of fluent, however, you can actually get away with it


Trying to prevent a page load would be really hard 😛


We shifted it to the serverside so that the extension could safely wrap all the localisation logic


Hi! No sorry, we haven't any plans of upgrading it to SS 4 sadly. Fluent is quite well conceived in general, I would suggest to maybe working with that and trying fetching locales thru ajax maybe?


Hi all - I am trying fluent - I have a few customers using the old "multilingal" module. The pros of that module is that switching language in the CMS does not include page reload. just hiding/showing fields

I have a customer with 6(!) locales and they get very annoyed with the page-reload.

Any thoughts about this?

@herbertcuba any ideas?


you can loop the $Locales and check if the current page exists in each locale with FluentState. that LocaleMenu example just links to each site language, rather than different versions for each page

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Ramon Lapenta

I didn’t know about FluentState, but the code above does link to each page, so I’m hiding the current page link with CSS and leaving the other one visible, works quite well

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I have code a FluentState function to do this but in only 2 languages. I must disable this function when i'm on frontend /admin page ... But that work


if the version for that page doesn't exist, it defaults to the locale home page though.