It is possibly a bit more complicated than that - versioned often looks at the Version Column on the SiteTree table for the page's current version (eg in Versioned::get_versionnumber_by_stage) - with fluent installed, this value is updated as you write in each locale. So you could publish in one locale, update the column, and then read in another locale and get an incorrect version for that locale.

The end result being that when 'isLiveVersion' gets called from a locale that the page wasn't published in, the version property on the page gets updated by fluent comes back as say '5' but the 'live' version comes from the site tree table and will be "later" eg '7). Unfortunately I don't think there is a quick fix for this atm.


Thanks @Firesphere that seems a bit counter intuitive. Off the top of your head, do you know rough steps on what would need to change for it to see translated pages in live mode as it sees default pages in live mode?


Yes, that's expected behaviour, it doesn't see default pages in live mode, as it would translated pages in live mode


For some reason when I publish a page in one locale, the LIVE tag isn't shown on the actual live record in the other locales.


When publishing a page then going into that page's History tab, we should see a LIVE tag on the record which is live. When switching to a different locale, is it default behaviour to see no LIVE tag in the page history?

I.E. will a page in one locale display no LIVE tag on the currently live page record after that page has been published in another locale?

I.E. is it default Fluent behaviour to have only one LIVE tag in the History tab across all locale for a given page?


well, this afaik heyday catalogmanager worked well with sitetree subclasses