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Under the Blocks section, what is the Layout Block?

Jared Lee

Hey Jason, “Layout blocks” are a type of content block, which is designed to gave users an extra layer of customisation (defined by their developer). Think of them as mini-templates within a page, that can house their own content blocks. This may look like two column layout for example.


is this something to replace the ElementList module?


It hasn’t been built yet but it would probably be built as a new block type, so devs could still choose whats more appropriate. The layout block takes a slightly different approach in quite a few aspects but yes they are trying to achieve a similar thing. Users can build template structures to place their blocks, they can apply style variants.


I think we'll definitely be interested to see how that looks when it's built. We're using ElementList quite a bit now to do different layout options in the CMS to add flexibility