Basically mounts NFS from your host directly to the container (Doesn't need to go through the VM)


we’re overdue to look into removing docker-sync as it’s good, but not as good as we need it on MacOS… otherwise the compose file looks very similar to ours


@MichalKleiner I noticed that you are using PHP FPM for your Docker environment. Not sure if you have seen my configuration before but thought I would share with you my default project setup.

Supports: SSL, SSPAK Uses NFS mounts (You will need to ensure you have the correct NFS settings on your host).

Is a little bit of a "Black Box" as I need to expose my Dockerfiles for Apache / PHP-fpm, but otherwise its one of my fastest environments to date.

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Apache, PHP 7.1 fpm, Mysql docker-compose environment - brettt89/docker-env

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It’s because Docker is a Linux tool and so any other O/S needs to first emulate Linux in some form

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Yeah i wish it was that way on Mac too 😞


holy crap docker on linux is so much faster than windows


Seemed to be mysql issues.

Got it working with this in the end.

  1. version: '3.3'
  2. services:
  3. web:
  4. image: brettt89/silverstripe-web:7.1-platform
  5. working_dir: /var/www
  6. ports:
  7. - 8080:80
  8. volumes:
  9. - .:/var/www/html
  11. database:
  12. image: mysql:5.7
  13. volumes:
  14. - ./mysql:/var/lib/mysql
  15. restart: always
  16. environment:
  17. MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: dev_passwd