For people having trouble with Vagrant on MacOS Catalina, the workaround is to put the full path in the mount This path would look like this: /System/Volumes/Data/Users/USERNAME/sites/myproject


tl;dr - I think I remember having a problem, but haven't had once for a long time.


@r3v3rb I had a slight issue yep, but a reboot fixed it. I've since built boxes (not vagrant) and found that by default the install didn't have the network dhcp enabled (as in systemctl enable), but after doing that (and start) all was fine :>


this happens from time to time, but after a box relaod it works normally for me


and in here: anyone having issues with virtualbox/vagrant - since windows 10 update a while ago - boxes are unable to reach the outside world!


right now the stop gap for me is to set the owner of assets as 500:500 because I know www-data is 500 but that's dodgy as


often it goes look for serious way of doing it. chmod 777