@digitall_it that Zauberfisch box is working with SS4 out of the box. It has environment set globally (in /etc/environment)... you have to know that when you want to reconfigure it, cause it ignores your .env file


@Derk Gortemaker (Twisted Bytes) I had the exact same experience. Now that I’ve switched to Silverstripe 4 for my next project, I made minor adjustments to my vagrant box but would like to try again Docker. Would someone be so nice to give a working Silverstripe 4 environment to study?


I agree it can take a bit of time to get going… we’re now all on docker with microcontainers, some projects are e.g. 7 services, usually it’s about 5

Derk Gortemaker (Twisted Bytes)

I tried docker before creating the vagrant box. I have to admit it was at the start of the Docker craze. It was a lot more work to get up and running and a lot more explaining. It's was less selfcontained. It had issues with rights on certain folders.


I use it for ready made docker images to use on Plesk, but for development I still use vagrant, I have my own recipe. Tried to do one for docker by using a set of micromachines but ended giving up due to time costraints.


Because there is not a single solution that works for everybody