As in, "tonight" -> "in a few minutes/an hour" (now yesterday)?


Hey Wellington team, there's a PHP Meetup tonight at Biz Dojo (and I'm speaking)


The videos of the Wellington meetup are online!

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Safety first

SilverStripe's own Simon Erkelens talked about security issues at the SilverStripe Wellington Meetup on October 17. He outlined how he used the Boy Scout Rule to rewrite the SilverStripe 4 Authenticator system—leave the campsite cleaner than you found it / leave your code better than you found it.  
Nicolaas Francken brings his 'pet' DOG to a meetup

Nicolaas Francken of Sunny Side Up spoke at the SilverStripe MeetUp on October 17 regarding his Data Object Generator (DOG). It's an online form that asks questions about your model and then provides a PHP file.

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