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and then re-add DetectLocaleMiddleware as a new key in an after: #fluentrouting


Not a good solution but one that works ;_;


cool beans. I’ve kinda done something similar, just wasn’t sure, thought i should check!

Dennis Basa Guinto

Hi everyone! I just want to ask if SS4.0 and/or SS4.1 doesn't have problems with PHP7.2? I just thought someone may have tried it.


I think 4.1 is OK, it's 3.6 that had issues (since Object is a reserved word in PHP7.2)


Whats the best way to pull in files, e.g:

  1. // 3.x Way
  2. Requirements::javascript(SSViewer::get_theme_folder() . '/javascript/testing.js');
  4. // 4.x - One way of doing it
  5. Requirements::javascript('themes/mint-base/javascript/testing.js');

However if the theme name changes this will break? Is there a nicer way of handling this in 4.x?


@KP there's a "themedJS" now. In SS4 you can no longer assume there's a single theme, since they cascade