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Philip Steel

Just updating one of our sites to take advantage of the new public folder structure and all seems to be working except for the public/javascript folder. I dont seem to be able to access files in this folder through the browser, just get 404 errors. If i rename the folder to js i can


Does your .htaccess file by any chance accidentally block *javascript*?


shouldn't it be public/theme/my-theme/javascript?


like how do you even vendor-expose a directory like that straight into public

Philip Steel

I was following the Silverstripe V4 lessons folder structure which does away with themes and places the folders directly in public


nginx is way more performant than Apache for serving static files or reverse proxying. In 2008 I did a project for Min of Justice in NZ and did a lot of analyzing, nginx maxed out at 100M with 2000 hits per sec, Apache just fell over. And each of circa 10 works was 200M. nginx then idled back to 1M


can anyone tell me about upgrading to 4.0 and the Object class?